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Dumpster rental FAQs

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Need a Dumpster?

Here are North Plainfield's 4 most typical dumpster sizes and some common jobs for each. If you have questions, call us.

Ten-yard dumpster


10 yard dumpsters carry 4 pickup trucks of waste. They're employed for minor bathroom or kitchen remodels, garage or basement cleanouts, 1500 sq ft roof replacements, and 500 sq ft deck removals.

Twenty-yard dumpster

20-yard dumpsters carry 8 pickup trucks of waste. They're utilized for large-scale carpet or flooring removal, garage or basement cleanouts, roof replacements up to 3000 sq ft, and deck removals up to 400 sq ft.

Thirty-yard dumpster

30 yard dumpsters carry 12 pickup trucks of waste. They're commonly employed for substantial home extensions, new home building, garage removal, siding or window replacements.

Forty-cubic-yard dumpster

40-yard dumpsters carry 16 pickup trucks of waste. Large house renovations or construction, business cleanouts, siding or window replacement are common uses.

North Plainfield Rolloff Rental Cost

Size, type, weight, rental duration, and county landfill fees affect North Plainfield dumpster rental pricing. Price ranges from $300 to $750. Call us for an all-inclusive quote.

FAQs about dumpster rentals

Spring cleaning, yard waste removal, moving out cleanouts, and building debris removal all use dumpsters. Given that they differ in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards, it's easy to find one that meets your needs. Here are some tips:

Roll-off container rental

Call a company that handles waste disposal in your city for a dumpster rental quote that includes rental costs for certain roll-off bin sizes. After getting an estimate, choose a dumpster you can afford and will hold your trash. A 40-cubic-yard trash container can hold most house construction garbage.

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Then, pay and schedule delivery to your desired location. To place a roll-off container in the road, you may require a permit from North Plainfield. When your trash bin is full, phone your rental company.


Location, garbage disposal standards, waste weight, usage time, and North Plainfield's disposal rates affect the cost of a rolloff canister. Increasing the rental duration may cost more. Rental extension fees average $3 to $10 per day. If you overfill your leased dumpster, you may have to pay an extra $30 to $100 per ton.

Unacceptable Waste

Certain items can't go in rental dumpsters. Paint, batteries, gasoline canisters, laptops, vehicle components, greasy food trash, and freezers are prohibited.

Some companies charge extra for mattress disposal. Toxic and hazardous substances cannot be stored in non-designated containers. Asbestos, paint thinner, and oil filters are examples. Choose the right canister for hazardous garbage. North Plainfield's environmental protection department can aid with hazardous waste disposal. Don't overfill your trashcan.

What size roll-off do you need?

Choosing the correct roll off container for your project or job site might be difficult. We've prepared a quick lesson to help you determine the optimum size container for your job.


  • Renovating kitchens and bathrooms (smallish)
  • Deck-clearing (250 square feet)
  • Deshingling (1500 square feet, single layer)


  • Cleanout basement, garage, loft
  • Carpet removal (large house)
  • Deck-clearing (400 square feet)
  • Deshingling (3000 square feet, single layer)


  • Home improvements
  • Homebuilding
  • Garage demo
  • Siding/window replacement (small to medium house)


  • Siding/window replacement (big house)
  • Debris, trash, cardboard
  • Large refurbishment or construction
  • Office or commercial cleaning
  • Home or commercial siding removal

Use good judgment with any guidelines. If you're unclear about the right size container for your project, phone us and we'll help.

North Plainfield Dumpster Pricing Factors

Homeowners, contractors, and businesses should know what affects NJ canister pricing. Because rental fees vary. Here are several price-quoting factors.

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Different forms of trash must be discarded. Construction waste and home waste are distinct. Homeowners pay less than builders. The waste removal business may charge more for big, bulky rubbish. Most companies charge less if renters recycle. Recycling companies charge lower prices than landfills.


Larger canisters hold more trash, so renting them costs more. Smaller containers are cheaper to rent since they can be simply carried to the landfill.


Some landfills charge more for equivalent rubbish disposal than others. State and city tariffs vary. Your charges may be more or lower depending on the local landfill's rates.


The renter usually pays the canister service's shipping costs. Renters far from garbage dumps or recycling transfer facilities pay extra.

These four variables affect expenses the most.


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