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Need a Dumpster?

Here are Nipomo's 4 most frequent dumpster sizes and some common tasks for each. If you have questions, call us.

Ten-yard dumpster


10 yard dumpsters carry 4 pickup trucks of waste. They're employed for minor bathroom or kitchen remodels, garage or basement cleanouts, 1500 sq ft roof replacements, and 500 sq ft deck removals.

Twenty-yard dumpster

20-yard dumpsters carry 8 pickup trucks of waste. They're utilized for large-scale carpet or flooring removal, garage or basement cleanouts, roof replacements up to 3000 sq ft, and deck removals up to 400 sq ft.

Thirty-yard dumpster

30 yard dumpsters carry 12 pickup trucks of waste. They're commonly employed for substantial home extensions, new home building, garage removal, siding or window replacements.

Forty-cubic-yard dumpster

40-yard dumpsters carry 16 pickup trucks of waste. Large house renovations or construction, business cleanouts, siding or window replacement are common uses.

Nipomo Rolloff Rental Cost

Size, type, weight, rental duration, and county landfill fees affect Nipomo dumpster rental pricing. Price ranges from $300 to $750. Call us for an all-inclusive quote.

Choosing a Debris Container

Renting a dumpster might help you clear up a major mess at home or at work. You may not know how to rent a roll-off bin. You should know some rental tips.

Check Nipomo's ordinances before renting a roll-off container to see whether you need a permit. Nipomo may have instructions on where to put the dumpster on your property.

Avoid throwing away items that the rental company or landfill won't accept. Most landfills won't accept the following goods due to rental company rules or local, state, or federal regulations:

  • Paint, thinners, solvents, lacquers.
  • Household chemicals and cleansers.
  • Batteries.
  • Fuels.
  • Adhesives, resins.

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If you feel a substance may be harmful, combustible, or poisonous, talk to your rental provider first.

Roll-off container size

Choosing the correct roll off dumpster for your job shouldn't be difficult. You want a roll off bin large enough to hold all your project's debris, but not so enormous that you overpay for it.

10, 20, 30, or 40-yard roll off containers can be rented. Before choosing a canister size, it's a good idea to receive advice from an expert. Each size works for:

10-yard dumpsters are suitable for bathroom or kitchen remodels, cellar or garage cleanouts.

20 yards: deck removal, single-layer roof shingle removal, flooring removal.

30-yard dumpsters are great for new house building or renovations.

40-yard dumpsters are ideal for window or siding replacement, house construction, or demolition.

For a more specific estimate, consult a specialist.

Nipomo container rates

Homeowners, building contractors, and businesses must grasp CA canister pricing. Because rents vary. Here are some price quote factors.

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Several forms of trash must be removed. Building contractors and fabricators produce different garbage than homes. Homeowners pay less than builders. The waste removal business may charge more for big, bulky rubbish. Most companies charge less if renters recycle. Recycling companies charge lower prices than landfills.


Larger bins hold more trash, thus they're more expensive. Smaller containers are cheaper to rent because they're easier to transport to the dump.


For the same garbage disposal, other landfills charge more. State and city tariffs vary. Your charges may be more or lower depending on the local landfill's rates.


The tenant pays the container service provider's shipping costs. Renters who live far from the trash or recycling center pay more.

These are some of the primary price-affecting factors.


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