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How Big of a Dumpster Do I Need For My Job?

10 Yard Dumpster


About four pick-up trucks' worth of trash can fit in a 10 yard roll-off container. They are often used for small projects like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, cleaning out a garage or basement, replacing a small roof up to 1500 square feet, or taking down a small deck up to 500 square feet.

20 Yard Dumpster

About eight pick-up trucks' worth of trash can fit in a 20-yard roll-off container. They are often used to remove carpet or flooring from a large house, clean out a large garage or basement, replace a roof up to 3000 square feet, or take down a deck up to 400 square feet.

30 Yard Dumpster

About 12 pick-up trucks' worth of trash can fit in a 30 yard roll-off container. They are often used for big home additions, building a new house, tearing down a garage, replacing siding or windows on a small to medium-sized house, and so on.

40 Yard Dumpster

About 16 pick-up trucks' worth of trash can fit in a 40-yard roll-off container. They are often used for big projects like building or remodeling a big house, cleaning out a business, or replacing the siding or windows on a big house.

This will not only save you a lot of time, but it will also make getting rid of your junk cheap. To figure out what you need, it's always a good idea to see what's on the market so you can match your needs with what's there. Cleaning out garages or basements are examples of small projects, while extreme kitchen renovations and makeovers are examples of large projects.

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This step is important because it's the only way to figure out how big your need is. Depending on the project, you can choose the right dumpster for your needs and figure out how to get rid of your trash. After all, this is not a guessing game. If it were, you would probably lose if you chose a dumpster that was bigger than what you needed.

Our dumpsters come in four different sizes—10, 20, 30, and 40 yards—to meet all kinds of needs, whether they are for homes, businesses, or factories. To be safe, never put too much in your dumpster, as it could be dangerous for the person taking it away. But if you're cleaning out more than one room, you'll need a bigger dumpster, like a 20-cubic-yarder. They can haul away trash and waste from landscaping, remodeling, building, and tearing down. There are also several sizes in between, like the 15-cubic yard, 20-cubic yard, and 30-cubic yard.

Using a roll off rental is easy and safe because it gives you a place to put your trash instead of letting it pile up in your yard or on the curb. Bricks and concrete are too heavy for the average bin to carry. You can also choose dumpsters based on which way they load and unload. Before you start cleaning, call a reputable and professional company that takes care of trash and make plans to rent a dumpster.

How much do dumpster rentals cost?

Make sure the cost of renting a dumpster doesn't get in the way of your project by figuring out how much space you'll need before you rent. Also, the cost of a dumpster depends on what kind of dumpster you want to use. Choosing the right dumpster size affects not only how much these services cost, but also how quickly you can get rid of the trash from your home. Here are the different kinds you need to know about:

  • construction job sites remodeling projects
  • projects on roofs
  • Landscape jobs 
  • home cleanouts
  • any kind of trash removal

The kind of trash you need to get rid of is a big part of what your roll-off rental will cost. There are different prices for different kinds of content:

  • roof and shingles
  • dirt and yard waste 
  • concrete 
  • construction waste 
  • household trash

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Call us if you want to know more about our prices. This will be taken into account when we give you the final price, which is why we can't give you a rough number here. Putting trash in a landfill will cost you some money.

Before renting a dumpster, you must get a permit.

Most of the time, you do need a permit, especially if you are going to do something big. If you're only going to put the equipment on your property, the state isn't likely to question your right to do that. So, before you start any project, you should always check to see if what you want to do is safe and legal.

Check with the city office in La Porte to find out what the rules are. Getting permits for your project will add to the cost, but it will also help keep the project site safe and respected by the police and your neighbors. Anyone who parks a dumpster truck on their property does not need a permit from the government. But it becomes a problem when it is put on public property, like a sidewalk. In this situation, you will have to get a permit.

So, that's it. If you want to know more about how to rent a roll-off container for construction, you can call our number, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We hope that you now have a better idea of what it takes to rent a roll off container.


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